Nigeria: Ighiwiyisi Jacob Ignites Lagos With Debut Solo Exhibition

From being an interior designer to shouldering the responsibility of being the daughter of the legendary artist, Erhabor Emokpae, the co-founder of the Gallery at the Landmark, Ighiwiyisi Jacobs makes a debut on the Lagos visual art scene with her solo show.

Ighiwiyisi Jacobs is many things to many people: a great speaker, lawyer by training, writer and entrepreneur. But not everyone could have thought of her as an artist some years ago. An emerging visual and spatial artist, she is the creative director of Hermosa Boda, a spatial design service that has run successfully since 2015. A graduate of Law at the University of Lagos, she began her journey in visual arts as a child surrounded by the art of her father, Erhabor Emokpae, the visual flair of her mother, Ikpakpa Emokpae and her brother Isaac Emokpae, himself a well-established artist and confidante for her.

Apart from being the Creative Director of a custom production design company, she enjoys shopping. Once, she was submerged in surround merchandising at a shopping mall for hours. She was curious as to how she lost the sense of time and then discovered that the visually-appetizing art designs for the window displays could have been the reason. Hence, she developed a keen interest in window merchandising. Part of her work had been to build a production set design in lieu of the usual balloon-themed backdrops at parties.

Her name-Ighiwiyisi bears a burden of history tied to her late father. The name was given to her by her father at about a period when he travelled away from Nigeria.

“Ighiwiyisi means I will not be lost in a strange land,” she said as she explained why that was the select title for her debut show.

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