Nigeria: Darlington Wins Hearts With 908zero Album, Shines in New Video

With just a few years within the music circle, fast-rising self acclaimed king of afrobeats, Darlington Olawole Bello, famous as Darlington appears to have unlocked a level of greatness with the release of his new album, 908Zero.

Apart from topping music charts and streaming platforms, Darlington made what his fans described as genius move with one of the tracks on the album as it keeps attracting positive reviews from fans. His decision to also shoot a new video to the track further explained how quick he wants to rise with new level greatness being unlocked on every step of the way.

Since he got signed on US-based Encrony Records owned by Yubby Damson, Darlington continued to win hearts with his vocals and lyrics that also earned him applauds from top music acts within and outside the country.

Speaking about his music journey, the 25 year old singer said he had always been a fan of timeless music that appeals to the people and leave a lasting impression on them, adding that from the days of his freestyle sessions when he was in school with friends, music has always played a big role in his life.

With a new album and a video, Darlington declared that he wants to keep enjoying his rise, improve on his lyrical engagements and vocal deliveries with fans as he believes these would sustain his relationship with them.

“Over the years, I have made certain life-changing moves that have brought me to this level and I am grateful to God. Right now, I have a new album and we are promoting a track and video off the album because people love the song. I want to keep enjoying the rise to the top while entertaining my fans with Afrobeat vibes”, he added.


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