Namibia: Zakes Tabakan Joins Mainstream Music Industry

As Covid-19 continues to rage on and music venues are closed, notable music and events promoter January Ivula has been forced to endure months of limited work, reduced revenue and forced to transition into the mainstream music industry to make ends meet.

In a brief chat with VIBEZ!, Ivula talks about rebranding to Zakes Tabakan, his stage name, collaborating with Racio Media Group and releasing a new single.

Asked if he ever thought he would one day become a musician, Ivula said turning to music was an inadvertent decision.

“I have always wanted to manage artists, promote music and organise events because it brings in more money, compared to making music. However, when the Covid-19 pandemic hit, it was quite a challenge; hence, I deviated to being an artist,” he said.

Ivula has recently released a song titled, ‘Life is a game’, under his multimedia and marketing company.

The upcoming artist said the song is now available on Donlu, and he is currently finalising an album, set to be launched later this year.

“We are also busy shooting music videos that will accompany the album.”

Talking about his collaboration with the crème-de-la-crème of media production and broadcasting, Racio Media Group, Ivula said H25 has joined hands with the media group to promote and create opportunities for artists signed under H25, including him.

Since coming into the game a decade ago, his impact and artistry have gotten to a level where denying him is practically impossible.

Ivula has managed some household names in the industry, such as Exit, Mushe, Tate Buti and M-Jay, among many others.

There are currently six young stars signed under H25, including Ras Marley, Mnali Makazola and Vdk Crazyboy.

“Despite becoming an artist, I still manage a few artists and still do music promoting.”

According to Ivula, the H25 team will soon be launching a road tour across the country.

“We will release the date and further information when Covid-19 cases decrease. We just hope the situation will get back to normal soon,” he concluded.


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