Namibia: Women in Media Striving for Equal Opportunities

THE inaugural edition of the Women in Media Conference will take place on Saturday under the theme ‘The Power of Coverage: Our Journey in Time’.

The participants hope to use the conference as a platform to establish a strong network among Namibian women working in the media industry. The conference would help positively influence the way media functions by helping increase women’s representation and opportunities in the media.

Sports journalist and event organiser Limba Mupetami says the idea came about during a meeting with a fellow media practitioner, which led to the realisation that women working in media need more opportunities to network and share ideas.

“We see the efforts and strides that women in media are making in the industry, however, we need to network more and build on each other’s expertise. We, therefore, need more opportunities to network and share with one another. It is also imperative to form a network where we not only commend each other for our achievements but also where we can learn and pass on our experiences to one another,” she said.

The emphasis of the conference will be on fostering a positive work environment for women in media.

“Young women getting into the industry should be able to feel comfortable in reaching out. If they need help or guidance on how to approach sources, they should be able to ask experts in the same line of work with no feeling of rejection,” Mupetami added.

A senior lecturer at the Namibia University of Science and Technology and CNN journalist of the year in 2000, Dr Wandja Njuguna, will be the key speaker at the conference.