Namibia: Treat Agriculture Like a Gem – Omusati Governor

OMUSATI regional governor Erginus Endjala has called on young people in the region to treat agriculture as a lucrative business and not just a hobby.

He added that northern Namibia has the potential to be a food basket to many communities.

The governor said this to encourage his region’s detachment from communal farming and migration to a level of commercial agriculture.

“By treating agriculture as a business, we shall improve in food self-sustenance. So we must defeat the notion of being artificial consumers but not producers, because we rely on imported food for our consumption. Thus, it is our wish as a region to formalise the informal market to enable it to enter into the national procurement system,” he said.

To finance such bold move, he also encouraged banks and lending institutions to bet on this shift.

“I urge our local financial institutions to be innovative through unlocking agricultural potential in our region, especially in the manufacturing and agricultural processing areas that have the potential to create employment opportunities for our youth,” said the governor.

It is often said that Omusati is a dry region, but Endjala said despite this being a concern in many rural areas, the Omusati Regional Council, in conjunction with the agriculture ministry, spent N$13 million on cleaning, pump testing, the installation of solar panel systems and the purchasing of materials for hand pumps in different constituencies.