Namibia: Samuel Shines Showcases Growth Second Offering

LOCAL R&B singer Samuel Shines’ new album ‘Lok’Omuthiya’ demonstrates the artist’s remarkable growth and maturity.

The 12-track album is dedicated to his hometown, Omuthiya, and is predominantly made-up of Afro-pop tracks, with some African kwasa flavours.

“Without further explanation, those that follow social media news trends, politics and other influential groups and individuals should be able to connect the dots, especially with the illustration of the renowned combo of the dry red wine (Tassenberg) and coke, as artistically portrayed on the front cover of the album,” says Samuel of the album’s title.

Samuel says although the album features a variety of genres, the central thread of R&B sounds is perfectly transformed into fast tempos and grooves which creates a unique sound that not only allows love birds to enjoy their unions and sweet memories of romance, but also gets music lovers dancing.

“We incorporated more reels of live instruments, and the style of singing has more room to accommodate local fans, as opposed to the first album that sounded way too international, as per the different critiques of listeners,” says Samuel.

The singer worked with great minds such as Tate Buti, Ann Singer, Loco Sound and Zomblam as featured artists on the album, while DJ Kboz, Mr Gulo on the Beat, DJ Vuyo, Focus and Zomblam were the producers.

Standout tracks include ‘Ondjila’ featuring Tate Buti that recently made a splash on Tik Tok, with over 2 000 videos of fans jamming and re-creating content shared on the platform.

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