Namibia: Rise Elders, Morenga Create Safe Space

Sophisticated songbird Lize Ehlers is set to add a little edge to her oeuvre with the debut of her latest alter ego, DJ Rise Elders.

Introducing this persona alongside Morenga as they spin the decks at Safely Ratchet at Café Prestige on 29 May, Ehlers marries this debut with her ongoing activist work.

“Safely Ratchet was born out of the reality of Drag Night Namibia patrons wanting to dance to edgy music after Drag Night, but the curfew prohibits this every time,” says Ehlers.

“The Safely Ratchet team is covering all the venue’s see-through walls to create a peep-free private space for queer people and allies to come and dance till they drop. The music covers and originals chosen for the event are specifically selected to create a flow of energy to release.”

Teasing a surprise guest and an event to remember, Safely Ratchet prohibits cameras inside the venue to allow patrons to fully express themselves in the attire of their choice.

“As organisations such as Equal Namibia, Drag Night Namibia and the Slut Shame Movement fight ignorance and oppression in Namibia, the recent visibility and representation of the queer community means we need to create and introduce more safe spaces,” says Ehlers.

Musically, the event sees both Lize and Karl Ehlers doing things a little differently.

For the award-winning mother of RMB Song Night, Rise Elders was born out of an edgier Lize Ehlers who wants to make people dance, shake off the pandemic stress and break free of anxiety, judgement and fear.

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