Namibia: Riaan Smit Signs With Peermusic

BLUES singer Riaan Smit recently signed a five-year deal with Peermusic, an independent music publisher.

Peermusic was founded over 90 years ago by renowned visionary Ralph S. Peer and is the largest independent music publisher in the world – with 38 offices in 31 countries and owning or administering over a million copyrights.

Today, Peermusic remains an active participant in the contemporary music scene using its extensive international reach, deep expertise and shining reputation for the benefit of thousands of composers it represents.

“I officially signed the contract this month. I was approached a while back by their South African representative, but at the time I was signed with another publisher. What happens now is I write as much as I can and they make sure every song gets registered with every country in the world and gets administered correctly,” he says.

Smit says the partnership is a great platform for his music to reach a bigger audience.

“What this means for my music career is that I have my music and intellectual property represented by a reputable international company. They have the resources to ensure that anywhere my music plays, I get the royalties due to me. They also try to get placement for my music, but in the end, it is still up to me to write and promote my music. Anyone writing with me gets the opportunity to have their name and ideas recognised on a global network of international songwriters,” he says.

The Windhoek-born artist plans to write a lot more and more new music and more collaborations would also be coming from him later this year.

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