Namibia: Outapi, Eenhana Abattoirs On the Verge of Collapse

THE Outapi and Eenhana abattoirs are on the verge of becoming white elephants as the two facilities are operating at a loss.

Additionally, they are experiencing severe challenges hindering operations.

The two abattoirs are said to be about to close down as there are not enough livestock farmers to supply them with animals to slaughter.

Ben Shikongo, president of the Namibia National Liberation Veterans Association (NNLVA) and chairperson of Namibia Northern Abattoirs, revealed this during the minister of agriculture, water and land reform Calle Schlettwein’s familiarisation visit to the northern regions over the weekend.

“When the Outapi abattoir was inaugurated, there were a lot of challenges, and contractors were coming in and out … There were also challenges with local farmers being a bit hesitant to sell their livestock ..,” Shikongo said.

The 2019 drought also negatively affected operations at the Outapi abattoir.

He said the Northern Electricity Distributor (NoRED) charges the Outapi abattoir about N$32 000 per month, which is exorbitant.

“These operational costs are charged every month – whether we slaughter or not. Thus we are appealing to the government to waive demand charges at the local abattoirs … ” he said.

Shikongo said utility costs at the Outapi abattoir are too high, and a number of bills need to be paid to NoRED.

The abattoir also faces a lack of local quarantine facilities and meat inspectors.