Namibia: ‘Natural Resources Are for All’

Keetmanshoop — Inspiring people to move from good to active, exemplary citizens can leverage the country’s strategic natural resources, human heritage and capabilities in order to develop their full talent, thus making government works for all, says Karasburg East councillor, Anseline Beukes.

“We believe that natural resources of the state belongs to all her people and that the equitable sharing of the resources for national benefit is only better achievable with state leadership and strategic involvement in the national economy,” she said in an interview with New Era.

The councillor explained as a woman close to the electorate, she will ensure a corollary increase in decision-making processes, which she felt make her fit perfectly in her new role as a politician.

“Women’s political participation results in tangible gains for democracy, including greater responsiveness to citizen needs, increased cooperation across party and ethnic lines and a more sustainable future,” Beukes further reasoned.

In terms of projects she might find incomplete during her tenure, she responded that it is better to first concentrate on prioritised projects needing speedy implementation before working towards finalising delayed ones.

“I will work closely with all the relevant stakeholders be it government or the private sector in order to build and maintain sound relationships with them for the betterment of our residents,” she said.

Beukes also said she will take fundamental steps towards change for genuine and lasting unity in order to provide hope for a better future. While referring to projects in the pipeline, she mentioned agriculture, poultry and farming as key areas, as a means to eradicate poverty amongst residents in the constituency.

“Substance (alcohol and drugs) abuse, as well as gender-based violence, are the biggest evils I learnt to find during my tenure so far,” she observed.

The councillor vowed to limit the opening of more alcohol outlets whilst establishing close networking with the police in order to fight the evil of substance abuse.

She furthermore undertook to engage workplaces, schools and churches to come up with strategies on how to educate residents on the harmful physical and psychological effects caused by gender-based violence as possible solutions to curb it.

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