Namibia: My Mother Taught Me to Respect Women – Kp Illest

WE COME from mothers and must always honour women and keep them from harm’s way, says rapper KP Illest who generously supported the Lilibet Pads Foundation.

Illest said his respect for women and concern for their well-being is rooted in the love and affection he received from his mother and sisters who went out of their way to support him as a man.

He therefore believes access to sanitary pads for schoolgirls must be regarded as a national duty to keep them in school.

“Because of first-hand experience, seeing and hearing about the things some of these these young girls go through. Imagine using leaves or newspapers, which can’t be healthy but they have to, and my humanity says no person should have to suffer for something natural,” he said.

Illest added that those in power must do their job effectively to ensure girls have a fair opportunity at a good life and not be held back by the lack of something as basic as sanitary pads.

“Enough will never be quantified but those who can should do as much as they can. Pads alone, absolutely not, but it’s giving them what they don’t have. I cannot deal with every issue because I’d be spreading myself too wide. If I do my part here, and you do yours there and he does his somewhere else, that chain of events will put girls on the right path,” he said.

Illest has in the past donated sanitary pads to schoolgirls in Kavango East region.

“Everyone should join such an initiative, whether male or female, because this can help to make someone else’s life better. It is important to help our future leaders, the future wives of our children and the future mothers of our grandchildren,” the rapper said.

Lilibet Pads Foundation is one of the local charities responding to period poverty – the lack of access to sanitary products and menstrual hygiene education.


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