Namibia: Losing Both Parents Days Apart

MAVEYA Ndjavera (23), the daughter of much-loved actor and drama lecturer David Ndjavera (51), has shared her agony over losing both her parents within days with The Namibian.

Her mother, Helena Ndjavera (50), who has been a qualified nurse for 25 years, succumbed to Covid-19 four days before her husband, who passed away early yesterday morning.

“Losing two parents in a matter of days is very, very hard. We are still mourning my mother, and our dad helped us during those days, and now he is gone.

“This is just not fair. It’s very hard. I have to be strong for the family. The good thing is that my father taught me how to fight and stand up for myself. Now I have to stand for my siblings and grandmother,” Maveya says.

She says her parents were married for 30 years.

“Mom and Dad were very close, and that’s why I feel they followed each other. Dad was shattered by Mom’s passing.

“Both were people’s persons. I would say my mother was a mother to everyone. She was just a wonderful angel and had an open heart.

“My dad was also a father to all of us. He was hard-working. He started as a newspaper boy, and holidays he would do some security work just to make extra cash.

“He worked so hard, and when he passed, he was a lecturer. I’m very proud and look up to him. He was a good father,” Maveya says.

“My mother was busy building a clinic at Epukiro out of her own pocket, to help farmworkers and their children.”