Namibia: Lions Battle to Find Large-Enough Prey

IN response to Immanuel Gurirab at farm Leeukop losing 76 of his livestock to lions last week, the Namibian Lion Trust said lions are struggling to find sufficiently large prey due to the ongoing drought.

This leads to goats being attacked as an ‘easy meal’ for these predators, Tammy Hoth-Hanssen, founder and director of the trust, said in a statement.

She said together with the Khoa Di //Hoas Conservancy and the Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism, the Namibian Lion Trust is working on an interim solution to this human-wildlife conflict dilemma.

Hoth-Hanssen said a group of lions managed to jump into a fenced boma in the Leeukop area in the Khoa Di //Hoas Conservancy, causing Gurirab extensive losses.

The Namibian Lion Trust has been monitoring a collared lioness and her adult daughter since September 2020, and this area is part of their home range.

Hoth-Hanssen said a domestic pig was taken before, but other than that the predators have left farms and livestock herds in the area untouched.

However, a week ago, the lioness settled approximately 5 km to the west of Gurirab’s farmstead, remaining there for days, which usually indicates a large kill.

The lion guard in the area sent farmers messages daily and also phoned them, warning them about the lions’ close proximity.

Unfortunately, the pride of two females and a young male unexpectedly raided the Leeukop boma in the early hours of Thursday morning, killing a large number of goats and sheep.