Namibia: Lil Swartbooi’s Sjambok Hits Back

AS part of his upcoming album ‘PMAAC (Protect Mitch At All Cost)’ Mitch Gaoseb, better known as ‘Lil Swartbooi’ in the music world, has recently released a new song called ‘Witbooi’s Sjambok Remix’.

Gaoseb is a rapper from the south and is the self-proclaimed Nama trap chief (Nama trap is a new genre of trap music).

The artist’s music is personal and relatable.

Gaoseb started composing church music in 2007.

In 2012 he released a gospel album.

Other hits include ‘O reg E’, ‘Witbooi’s Sjambok’ and ‘ITYK’.

Gaoseb says his new single is about the power of captain Hendrik Witbooi’s sjambok. “The song celebrates a king, a chief of the Nama people,” he says.

He says his upcoming album is controversial. It is a 17-track album the artist plans to release on 25 July.

Gaoseb has teamed up with different producers, such as Elvo, Plug Beatz, Hoppy Mwiya, S-Man and Motion. “On the album there are songs for everyone. There are feel-good and dance songs, while some are touching controversial topics. It is a classic. It will give the consumer a little glimpse into my world,” he says.

Gaoseb is also an award-winning stand-up comedian, known as Big Mitch.

In 2019 Gaoseb teamed up with Vivo Energy Namibia for the road-safety campaign ‘Be Safe – It Might Hit Closer To Home Than You Think’ in an effort to educate young people.

He says music is a way for him to express his experiences.

“I did music before I became a comedian. Music was always part of me. When I started doing music, I didn’t even know of such a career path as being a comedian in Namibia. It was actually in high school that I discovered I was funny. About 10 years later I discovered there is such a profession, so in 2014 I took on comedy as a profession,” he says.


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