Namibia: Kaselly Designs Launches ‘Welcoming 2021’ Collection

MARKING another milestone in her designing career, self-taught fashion designer Selma Shapwa, known as KaSelly, on Monday launched a new collection, ‘Welcoming 2021’, under her KaSelly Designs brand.

The collection features 25 pieces of women’s wear with a colourful and stylish touch of couture.

With the new line priced competitively for the luxury designer ready-to-wear space, KaSelly this time placed more focus on clothing for all occasions, from cocktail, party, work to formal evening wear.

“With this collection, I focused more on stretchy materials. Nonetheless, I wanted to try out the see-through body mess designs for the first time, which came out just right. I also wanted my clients to know that I have grown in terms of designing, and I can come up with different types of clothing,” explains KaSelly.

She adds that she also used her all-time favourite scuba (chloroprene rubber), a double knit fabric that is normally a poly mixed with Lycra or Spandex, which also came out right. “I was supposed to use more different materials and more different designs, but time did not allow me. More polished designs will be available on my next collection,” she says.

According to KeSelly, she is more satisfied with Welcoming 2021 than her previous work, as the pieces are stylish, unique, and of good quality. KaSelly’s red collection is inspired by the upcoming Valentine’s Day.

She said she came up with this collection to show that she has established herself as a fashion designer on the next level and for her work to be seen as an improvement in the local fashion industry. Apart from the new collection, KaSelly is also busy promoting her Bold_Like_Gold brand, launched at the end of last year.

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