Namibia: Eudy Revives Dance, Music Career After Accident

In 2013, well-known Rehoboth dancer Ruan Eudy Peter de Waldt, known by his stage name Eudy, was in a vehicle accident that changed his life forever.

He broke both his hips and sustained injuries to his back and neck.

De Waldt says he was introduced to dancing when he was in primary school but started taking dancing seriously in 2008 and has been an active dancer on social media since 2013.

“The accident happened while I was out with friends at a New Year bash. I decided to go and sleep in the car. One of my friends later came and drove the car. I was asleep in the passenger’s seat and was not wearing a seat belt when the driver lost control of the vehicle and I was thrown out,” he recalls.

De Waldt says although doctors told him that he would never walk again, his dream was to recover and start dancing again.

“I knew that I was born to dance for the people and I had to do something to recover. I just wanted to dance again,” De Waldt says.

Eight months after the accident, he started learning to walk again.

“My recovery was slow. Each day I was determined to do better than the day before. Today, I can inspire others with my story and this makes me proud. I am dancing again and I am thankful to God for giving me this chance,” he says.

De Waldt says although he is dancing again today, he still experiences constant back pains. “Yes, I still have pain every day of my life, but it won’t stop me from dancing,” he says.

Before he knew dancing, he was a singer and would rap to artists such as Tupac Shakur and Eminem’s music.

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