Namibia: Ees and Lioness Let the Hunt Begin

AWARD-WINNING artist EES (38) recently dropped ‘Hunt Like a Lion’, the first single from his upcoming, long-awaited new album called ‘Game Changer’.

He plans to release the album on 17 September.

The song, which siginifies the duo’s first collaboration, features Lioness and is produced by well-known D-Rush from Austria.

The music video was shot in Namibia by Reggie Films, and the editing and colour grading was done by EES himself.

“The song has managed to combine an extremely international musical sound with many African vocal chanting samples, and obviously has that special ‘Nam flava’ spice,” he says.

“The most interesting thing about this video is the message right in the beginning, which says: ‘Let the hunt begin.’ This video contains a special hidden message that needs to be found and decoded by viewers … somewhat of a treasure hunt,” he says.

EES says he has been working on the album for over two years.

“Last year I figured it would not really be a clever decision to release it, so I waited. It was a difficult time for the music industry, especially since live shows were not possible. The video was already shot in October 2019, so it was a little frustrating to not release it – especially since I know it’s a banger,” he says.

EES says although Lioness’ music is very different to his, he did not hesitate to work with her. The Windhoek-born artist says he decided to team up with the hip-hop go-getter, because he always keeps his eyes peeled for new talent in the local industry.

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