Namibia: Domusic – Where Music Meets Business

DOMUSIC – Music meets Entrepreneurship is an event focusing on music, technology, talented performers and Windhoek’s vibrant business community.

The event was launched at the Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre (FNCC) on 29 April.

The launch saw talented hip-hop artist RÖMI, real name Stefanie Garises, headlining the show.

Meike Neitz, the digital ambassador of GIZ/Dololo, at the launch said it is a new format to promote artists and bring people of different backgrounds together to listen to great tunes, network, discuss trends in the music business and beyond, to share ideas, be inspired and to relax.

“The event started with everyone getting together and mingling. Then RÖMI performed. She premiered her new album. No one would have heard these songs before. After her performance the audience could ask RÖMI their questions. There was also a discussion on current trends in the industry and what changes Covid-19 brings about,” she said.

Neitz said the event was developed due to a lack of great networking opportunities in the country.

“Not much communication and exchange are taking place in our industry, and this is what we would like to change. Since we are already running our space DoBox, we are bringing people together during the day for co- working, so we wanted to open it up for lifestyle and fusion events as well. Usually at a concert you come, listen to the music and then go, but at our event you get close to the artist, get to know other people, be inspired and share ideas,” she said.

Neitz said the entertainment industry needs more events.

“We feel that in such difficult times the industry individually needs to be innovative to come up with new ways and formats to still engage with their fans and make music. Therefore we think it is a good time for the entertainment industry to start entering unusual partnerships. Instead of having big events, it’s about smaller, more creative events with an interesting touch,” she said.

Neitz said Dololo’s vision is to be the epicentre of Namibia’s business ecosystem by empowering young entrepreneurs and connecting them to corporates and investors to solve real world problems together. They offer coworking, networking events, digital training and workshops.

Besides this event, more DoMusic events will be held every 10 weeks, where different artists will perform. Neitz said that they decided on RÖMI for the first show because of her talent and her inspiring personality.

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