Namibia: Asap Courry Embracing Women Naturality Through Music

Last Friday, Asap Courry dropped his new single titled ‘Natural’.

The song was released on iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, Deezer and YouTube and will soon be distributed to all local radio stations.

According to Asap Courry, ‘Natural’ mainly embraces the naturality of women and how amazing they look naturally.

“I want this song to be a reminder to all women that they are even more beautiful the way God made them. So, basically it would be so amazing seeing them embracing their skin, hair, all the physical appearances without make-up,” he said.

The singer said he produced the song himself. “I enjoy doing my music by myself, and I was testing my ability and skills,” explains Asap Courry.

He says ‘Natural’ will be a single, and it will not be part of his album, as the song was only released to encourage women to keep it natural.

Real name Bainga Alpha Bainga, Asap Courry says his passion for music started while he was in primary school, but he only focused on it when he was in Grade 11.

“Nobody inspired me to be a musician, it’s just the love I have for music that encourages me to do music,” he said.

His first song titled ‘Wonder’ was released in 2017. The song explains how close he was with the mic. “At times, I wonder what people think when listening to my songs,” said Asap Courry.

Commenting on his plans for the year, he says the nation can expect more songs and entertaining shows from him. “I can’t share much of my plans but I just hope to be successful in the music industry,” says the singer.

He says the pandemic has been tough on everyone, but he advises artists to stay calm, get vaccinated, stay indoors, and do what they do best. “Enjoy writing songs for our listeners and viewers and stay safe!”


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