Namibia: Actress Nadula Joins International Film Organisation

LOCAL award-winning actress Meekulu ‘Nadula’ Hainane has been appointed a coordinator for Afro International Film and TV Market Festival Ltd, an organisation promoting creative content from Africa and the diaspora, with offices in Los Angeles, Cape Town and Lagos.

The organisation focuses on films, music, and other arts of African origin.

Nadula described her appointment as the biggest milestone in her life. She says she was chosen for her hard work, commitment, and dedication to the film industry she has been passionate about over the past two decades.

This also came after her recognition as the best upcoming actress at the Zikomo Humanitarian Fashion and Music Awards, in Lusaka, Zambia, this year.

“I feel honoured to be recognised and trusted abroad for this position,” says Nadula, adding that she is already organising and hosting one of the latest award-winning movies on slavery, produced in the USA, which is coming to African cinemas starting with Johannesburg.

Afro International Film and TV Market Festival Ltd also organises film festivals and events across Africa and the diaspora, building capacity for African film makers and positioning them for positive engagement with international studios and industry players.

Nadula has featured in several local films and stage productions. She is well-known for her role in ‘Third Will’ and ‘Kapana’, as well as in a German film titled, ‘Follow Your Heart’.


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