Mozambique: New Fishing Licences for Cahora Bassa Limited

The Ministry of the Sea, Inland Waters and Fisheries has decided to limit new fishing licenses, in an attempt to curb biodiversity devastation by illegal fishermen at the Cahora Bassa reservoir, in the central province of Tete, according to a report in “Noticias” on 3 July.

The Ministry’s Director of Operations, Leonid Chimarizene, said that despite the efforts to combat fishing by illegal operators, the situation has worsened over the last few years and authorities want to halt the threat and ensure a sound and healthy growth of the fish.

The move, however, has unleashed an increase of illegal fishermen who also resort to harmful fishing gear, including mosquito nets that sweep away the larvae and juveniles, thus jeopardising the continuity of the species.

A joint operation carried out by the Ministry, the Tete Provincial Economic Activities Services, the Maritime Administration, and the coastal and inland water guards also seized three semi-industrial fishing vessels and 216 mosquito nets.

“Such practices represent a great risk for the communities who may not have fish in the future for their sustenance, and also pose an environmental and economic threat,” Chimarizene cautioned, adding that unspecified quantities of juvenile fish have been returned to the water, and fines of over two million meticais (about US$31,000) have been imposed.

In order to keep full control of the situation, authorities have declared “closed fishing”, which consists of allowing only a limited number of vessels onto the lake. The authorities will conduct further joint operations and cooperate with other entities at places such as markets and transit points.

Illegal fishing is a well-known problem at Cahora Bassa reservoir and in 2016/17 the authorities seized 70 vessels that are now for sale at public auction.

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