Mozambique: Manica Institutes Stop Teaching Due to Covid-19

Maputo — Chimoio (Mozambique), 14 Jul (AIM) – Two higher education institutions in the central Mozambican province of Manica have temporarily stopped face-to-face classes because of the spread of the Covid-19 respiratory disease.

The institutions concerned are the Higher School of Journalism (ESJ) and the Manica Higher Polytechnic Institute (ISPM).

In both cases the students are regarded as those most exposed to contamination, and so the authorities have decided to interrupt temporarily face-to-face teaching.

The director of the Manica Provincial Social Affairs Services, Maria de Lurdes Brige, told reporters that, in addition to the two schools, her own directorate had been forced to close its doors because of the pandemic.

“We confirm that we have positive cases n the schools”, said Brige. “In my directorate, two staff members also tested positive, and so we decided o close the doors while the offices are being disinfected. We have set up virtual offices and we are working from home”.

“It’s the same with the higher education schools”, she continued. “We have students and teachers who are Covid-19 positive. Faced with this scenario, we have no choice but to close the schools to block the spread of the disease”.

Brige did not say how many students and teachers are infected, but described the situation as “worrying”. She called for greater responsibility and observance of preventive measures by the entire student community in order to reduce the impact of the pandemic.