Mozambique: Cta Sets Up Commission to Ensure Business Continuity

Maputo — The Mozambican Confederation of Business Associations (CTA) has set up a multi-sector commission that will assist private companies to ensure business continuity and the productive process, in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Speaking on Thursday in Maputo where the 11 member commission was publicly presented, the CTA deputy chairperson, Maria Abdula, said the commission will deepen and steer the reflection about the type and reach of the responses the country’s private sector will adopt in the fight against Covid-19.

“The commission’s main task is to provide the government and its advisory Scientific Commission with inputs about several matters that affect the private sector and propose solutions to overcome them,” Abdula said.

She pointed out that by August 2020 the number of companies critically affected by Covid-19 and which had halted their activities was about 4,300 countrywide. 75 per cent of these companies were in the hotel and restaurant industries.

However, from September, when the government alleviated the restrictive measures, a significant number of companies resumed activity, a move that according to CTA estimates reduced to 25 per cent the total number that had closed. By the end of the year, there were only 1,075 companies entirely shut, due to Covid-19.

The commission, she said, will focus attention on the companies’ cash flow, bank credit and other duties. It will also review the requirements for licensing private clinics and hospitals, at a time when the National Health System is supposedly in need of private sector intervention to respond to the challenges of the pandemic.

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