Morocco: Hammams – Employees Involved in Work Stoppage Due to Covid-19 Will Be Compensated – Minister

Rabat — Employees of hammams (traditional, Turkish-like baths), which closed due to the spread of Covid-19, will soon be compensated for job loss, Minister of State in charge of human rights and relations with parliament Mustapha Ramid said on Monday in Rabat.

These employees will be identified in order to compensate them, given the damage suffered by this category because of the closure of their workplace, said Ramid at the House of Representatives in response to a question on ” the closure of traditional hammams”.

The closed hammams are located in 15 prefectures and provinces out of a total of 82, he noted, specifying that their reopening remains dependent on the improvement of the epidemiological situation and the decision of the ad hoc local committees.

Their closure, especially in areas with a high number of coronavirus contaminations, is due to the fact that they are areas conducive to the spread of the virus, the government official recalled.

He also highlighted the effects of Covid-19, in particular on fragile categories, highlighting the efforts made, under the leadership of HM King Mohammed VI, to mitigate the repercussions of the pandemic, in particular at the level of protection of companies and support for affected categories.

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