Mauritius: The population’s health is the main priority, states Prime Minister

Port Louis — The country’s economy, with the current second lockdown situation, will be deeply affected but nonetheless, the health and wellness of the population remains Government’s top priority, stated the Prime Minister, Mr Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, today, in his address to the Nation on the occasion of the National Day celebrations.

Prime Minister Jugnauth highlighted that the country has faced many challenges since its independence in 1968, among which the main one being the COVID-19 pandemic. The sanitary crisis faced last year, he outlined, showed the population’s determination and strength and in 2020, Government’s effort and the whole population’s discipline contributed to stop the proliferation of COVID-19 in the country.

He recalled that despite the country being COVID-19-safe from May 2020 to March 2021, the local positive cases registered recently call upon bold quarantine and lockdown measures to be taken once again. More than 800 people, he pointed out, were quarantined according to the established protocols and the contact tracing exercise is ongoing.

Speaking about religious celebrations that were due earlier this week, the Prime Minister commended all sociocultural and religious organisations for their collaborated with Government so as to ensure the wellness of the population by cancelling all scheduled celebrations and prayers. He further expressed his wish that, with the same discipline that Mauritians displayed during the last lockdown, the spread of the virus in the country can be stopped at the earliest.

According to Prime Minister Jugnauth, despite having to face hard times ahead, the country will persevere, and as soon as the majority of population is vaccinated, decisions concerning closure of borders will be reviewed. This, he said, so as to revive the tourism industry which is one of our economic pillars.

Furthermore, the Prime Minister dwelt on the importance of working hand in hand as one people so as to revive the country’s economy in a COVID-19-safe environment. Our unity, he added, is the driving force so as to be able to face the challenges. “Let this 12 March 2021 be remembered by future generations as a date showing the resourcefulness and determination of the citizens of the Republic of Mauritius”, he concluded.

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