Malawi: Speaker Gotani Asks Livingstonia Synod to Take Lead Against Sexual Violence

Speaker of the National Assembly, Catherine Gotani Hara has pleaded with the Church of Central African Presbyterian (CCAP) Synod of Livingstonia newly elected General Secretary to take a leading role in the fight against rape and defilement in the country.

Hara said this on at St. Andrew’s Church in Mzuzu during a farewell service for Reverend William Tembo who is now the new General Secretary of the Synod and replaces Dr. Rev. Nyondo.

“I urge the new GS and the whole Livingstonia Synod to embrace critical issues such as ones happening in the country, defilement and rape. As was the case with quota system, let’s put the same attention to this problem we have today.

“There are so many issues that are resolved through the Synod’s intervention. I am making this request as your child and member of the church, as well as a woman.

“As I am talking now, yesterday a child was defiled right here in Mzuzu and the rapist was the neighbour of the victim, ” Hara said.

CCAP Synod of Livingstonia General Secretary William Tembo said he would engage everyone including politicians for a dialogue on matters benefitting and affecting Malawians.

“I am happy to be elected as Synod General Secretary, more precisely, I am happy with the foundation the former GS Reverend Dr. Levi Nyondo and other former General Secretaries laid.

“I will uphold the integrity of the synod by standing up for the church and community. When we go out of the stations, we see how these people are struggling,” said Tembo.

He said the synod will work tirelessly to find ways to curb poverty among communities.

“Another burning issue is extreme poverty. As synod this time, we will look at it very strictly to help and make sure that Malawians are given what they deserve,” he added.

He then pleaded with the government to invest in the people of Malawi so that the economy of the country is improved.

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