Malawi: Fatsani Movie Premier Goes to Blantyre – Amaryllis Hotel and HD Plus Seal a Deal

Continuing with the desire to promote artists in the country, hospitality service provider, Amallyris hotel in Blantyre has partnered with producers of Fatsani – a tale of survival movie in which the latter will provide a venue for the second premier of the movie scheduled to take place in Blantyre on 2 October this year.

The partnership comes Barely 3 months after a first ever drive in movie premier that took place at the magnificent Bingu International Convention Centre (BICC) square in April this year, an event that pooled a variety of patronage and defied the odds as the youth, Middle aged and the elderly together with Members from the community formed part of the audience.

Fatsani: A tale of survival is the story about a young girl who is forced to sell bananas in the streets for the sake of survival. The key characters in this film are two young children, Fatsani and Chikondi, who face the harsh reality of survival through an ugly example of child Labour.

Speaking during a press briefing at Amaryllis Hotel in Blantyre on Saturday HD Plus Creations Managing Director Gift Sukez Sukali thanked Amaryllis hotel for the gesture saying the partnership shows how much the hotel values the art industry.

Sukali said after premiering the movie in Lilongwe, they had too much pressure from people who also wanted to watch the movie in Blantyre and Amaryllis hotel has come as a sigh of relief.

“From the time we had Fatsani movie premier in Lilongwe, people have been asking us about plans we had for Blantyre, so responding to their questions we thought it is wise to have partners to help us, that is when Amaryllis hotel came in to provide a venue, among other things,” He said

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