Malawi CSOs Asked to Work in Collaboration On GBV, Sexual Violence Cases

The Centre for Human Rights Education,Advice and Assistance (CHREAA) has urged Civil Society Organisations (CSO) to work in a collaboration network all the time if they are to achieve and make Malawi a Gender Based Violence (GBV) and sexual violence cases free nation.

CHREAA executive director Victor Mhango made the call on Thursday during a long day training workshop with Blantyre based CSOs held at Golden Peacock Hotel which was aimed at brainstorming and encouraging each other on how they can work and share different approaches that can help to curb issues to do with GBV cases whose main victims are women and girls.

Mhango said GBV cases such as rape, defilement, incest just to mention a few are becoming rampart both in urban and rural areas because most of the human rights defendants organisations ignore working together with their fellows organisations.

“One thing that we wanted to emphasize in this training was to encourage the CSOs to realize the goodness of working in collaboration or hand in hand when dealing with cases to do with sexual offences because we have one common goal which is to promote and protect rights of the people despite belonging to different organisations.

“The other thing was to drill and empower Community Based Organisations (CBO) to take a leading role in conducting awareness meetings with members of the communities by encouraging them to report every gender based violence to police, CBOs, as well as One Stop Centre (OSC) because most of them rely on reporting GBV cases to their chiefs who normally protect the suspect because of corruption,” said Mhango.