Madagascar: Voice and Choice Barometer Launched in Madagascar

Antananarivo, 9 November 2020: The SADC Gender Protocol Alliance members and Gender Links Madagascar launched the #VoiceandChoice 2020 Sexual Reproductive and Health Rights (SRHR) Barometer in the time of COVID-19. The launch took place at Le PAVE Restaurant Hotel.

Dr Rabetaliana Rova, the Director General for the Promotion of Women, from the Ministry of Population, Social Protection and the Promotion of Women (DGPF) who was the keynote speaker and guest of honour noted the commitments and main actions the government has in place in promoting gender equality, gender equity, peace and security and ending Gender Based Violence and. She noted key international instruments Madagascar has adapted and ratified as well as local SRHR policies.

Speaking at the launch Federation pour la Promotion Feminine et Enfantine (FPFE), President, Celine Marie Yolande Via noted the Key Barometer findings in the time of COVID-19 as well as 100 SRHR indicators tracked.

The key findings relevant to Madagascar:

– In Madagascar there is existence of laws and policies that allow adolescents to access SRH services without third party authorisation.

– Madagascar has made improvements in reducing the percentage in new HIV infections in females aged 15-24.

– Madagascar now provides free sanitary pads in schools.

The Young Women Alliance (YWA) members who also spoke at the event noted that young people were central to the csustainable development of the country .Tessa Ratovonar and Jessica Malalaniaina YWA members spoke of climate change and sustainable development, SRHR, Peace and Security all in relation to GBV. They noted that the future for young people should be deeply intertwined with the respect and preservation of climate justice and environmental consciousness.