Liberia: Why Are Women Not Turning Out for Vaccination…

If the Ministry of Health intends to reverse the statistics on women’s turnout for COVID-19 vaccination in Montserrado County and perhaps elsewhere in the country it needs to embark on vigorous public education about the jabs to dispel rumor and fear among the population.

Statistics released by the Ministry last week Thursday, August 19, 2021, revealed women lagging behind 50 percent against men vaccinated since the Johnson & Johnson jab administration started on August 5, 2021, exactly two weeks.

Authorities from the health ministry revealed that out of a total of 16,821 persons vaccinated within this period, 11,098 were men, compared to 5,728 women in the same period, which clearly indicates more women are not coming out to take the vaccines.

Exactly what is responsible is not established, but perceived rumor and fear about probable side effects backed by poor awareness from the ministry itself could be robbing women of the opportunity to get vaccinated.

Instead of just reading the statistics as it did last week, the Ministry of Health should embark on vigorous public education to allay fear among women, perhaps leading them to have less interest in the exercise.

We might not have the facts regarding this issue, but women in Africa are generally reluctant to go for vaccination for several reasons ranging from fear of sterilization that could affect their reproductive process or probably lead to other complications.

The truth of the matter is that the ministry did not carry out adequate awareness and education about the vaccines, particularly the AstraZeneca dose before administering it, given the huge global controversy that surrounded it initially about blood clog and heart failure the time it was being administered in the country.