Liberia: River Gee Demands Three Points for Montserrado County Fielding Ineligible Player

Monrovia — River Gee County has demanded that the three points be awarded the National County Sports Meet (NCSM) Appeal Board reaffirmed the Grievance and Complaint Committee’s decision against Montserrado County for fielding an ineligible player, Mark Karlay.

River Gee County exited the tournament on superior goal difference following a stalemate against hosts Margibi County on the final day.

According to a communication sent to the Ministry of Youth and Sports through its Deputy Minister for Sports, G. Andy Quamie, they want three points and two goals to be awarded to their county as it was the case with Margibi County because Mark Karlay also featured for Montserrado against River Gee County.

The communication also indicated the rules and regulations governing the NCSM which states, “Any game in which an ineligible player is fielded must be voided and canceled, and three (3) points and two (2) goals be awarded to the opposite team.”

“For any reasons Margibi is awarded three (3) points and two (2) goals, River Gee must also be awarded the same points and goals in the interest of justice and fair play. Our contention is based on Sections 15.6 and 15.8 of the 2021/2022 National County Sports Meet Rules and Regulations,” the communication stated.

The communication further stressed that if for any reason the Organizing Committee’s decision was correct to award the points and goals Margibi County, thenthe rule was misapplied to the disadvantage of River Gee County.

The communication said: “Please note that Section 6.4.2 of the Rules provides that “In any event that two or more counties teams in the same group have the same number of points or goals, the winner shall be determined by one of the following in priority order as follows:

… ” We emphasize that River Gee and Margibi have the same points (after unfairly awarding three points to only Margibi). The usage of “OR” renders goals irrelevant in the instant case because River Gee has the same points as Margibi. Therefore, the order of priority to determine which team qualifies as prescribed is Section 6.4.2 (c).”

they added: “In consideration of our contentions, we expect justice and fair play must be above all and any interests, and the Rules of the National County Sports Meet must be impartially administered without fear and favor.”

How Margibi County qualified and Rivergee were knockout

Both sides were on three points going into the final day of fixture, but the Fish Town boys needed a compulsory win on the final day against the hosts to advance to the quarterfinals of the tournament.