Liberia: Presidential Tells Fellow Muslims That President Has Taken ‘A Giant Step’ Towards Their Demand for Public Eid Holiday

Monrovia — Sekou Kalasco Damaro, the Special Aide to President George Weah is calling on Muslims in the country to appreciate the Liberian leader for excluding all Muslims working in the government from their normal working activities on the closure of the month of Ramadan something he said can lead to the declaration of Islamic Holiday in the country.

The issue of having an Islamic holiday in Liberia has been on the lips of many Muslims in the country.

But speaking at the opening of the Ali Sylla Intellectual Forum in Peace Island, Jacob Town over the weekend, the Special Aide to President Weah called on Muslims in the country to appreciate the President for what he termed as a “giant step” taking toward the creation of a Muslim’s Holiday.

“As a President, who got control over the Executive Branch of government and said on the day of Ramadan no Muslims should come to work. That by extension is a holiday,” Mr. Damaro said.

Despite Muslims in the public sector was given a stay-home for Eid Mubarak, other Muslims who are working in the private sector were forced to go to work or warrant dismissal from their jobs if they are absence.

The Special Aide to Pres. Weah added that since the President has started with the public offices it is now the time for Muslims in the country to peacefully request to their Legislators to enact a law creating a Muslim Holiday as a National Holiday.

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