Liberia: National Civil Society Watch of Liberia Hails National Islamic Organization (Kpassankabala)women Development Center for Honoring President Weah

Monrovia — As the National Islamic organization/Women Development Center (KPASANKABALA) of Liberia readies itself to stage an honoring ceremony for the president H. E. George Manneh Weah for his unprecedented farsightedness in creating the office of the Islamic Advisor to the president which the first occupant is sheik Usmane T. Jalloh, the national civil society watch of Liberia (NACSWL) wishes to congratulate the effort of the president for creating such an office which establishes balanced access to the Presidency of the Country for the two most prominent religious groups in the Country.

NACSWL wishes to acknowledge that in the face of the trending sentiment of religious domination by on group and subjection of the other, this sage move paves the way for each religious group to feel belong and take serious responsibility for managing its diverse members while ensuring that through their collective effort the fragile peace of Liberia is kept intact. While we reflect that the periods before the presidency of H. E. George Manneh Weah one religious group dominated the stage as the other felt neglected thus energizing a silent sense of tension amongst its members, we applaud the president for defusing this tension-packed bubble by appointing sheik Usmane T. Jalloh as the first occupant of this post.

Throughout our observation of Sheik Jalloh management of the office so assigned to him we realized that his strong sense of leadership and respect for all irrespective of background opposed to his and the institution he represents, he has used his office to facilitate national government effort to reconcile our conflict riddled society and generate a smooth and peaceful coexistence amongst all people of the country. We further wish to join the National Islamic Organization through its head Mohammed A. Sheriff (Chairman) in celebrating the president H. E. Dr. George Manneh Weah on the 29th of this month for his works over the years which are specifically contributing to the growth and development of the country and reconciling its diverse people.

Conclusively, we urge Sheik Usmane T Jalloh to continue to work his office given him by the president by ensuring that it is a benefit for all and not only those of the religion he represents as such is the core value, ethics and purpose for which his office has been created; encouraging people of all religious background to peacefully coexist as one people in diversity.

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