Liberia: NaFAA Distributes Free Fishing Nets to Fishermen in Grand Bassa

Buchanan City — The National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority (NaFAA) has fulfilled its pledge to Fishermen as over 300 received several thread nets in exchange for their rubber or plastic nets in Grand Bassa County.

The distribution initiative benefitted Small Kru Town, New-Cess, Bleewin, Nimely Town, and Newton Bassa with the process to be carried out across other parts of the county.

NaFAA thread nets distribution is aimed at ensuring fishermen in Liberia abolish the usages of the rubber nets which authority says is detrimental to the marine environment.

According to the Director-General for Technical Services, William Y. Boeh, fishermen are cardinal to the growth and development of the Liberian Fisheries sector, as such the government has seen the need to bring in the free thread nets for distribution across Liberia as a way of empowering them.

The government of Liberia, through NaFAA has begun replacing the plastic nets used by fishermen owing to the damage and adverse impact they have on the marine species.

Mr. Boeh who proxy for NaFAA Director-General, Emma Glassco noted that government through NaFAA has planned to make several interventions in the fisheries sector with the objective of improving the standards of Liberian fishermen.

Mr. Boeh revealed that with the distribution of the free thread nets, Liberian fishermen will shortly benefit from the free distribution of the motorized engines.

“We are going to make ensure that all the Kru fishermen that have plastic net give it in exchange for our threads nets, Mr. Boeh said.

“The plastic net is very detrimental to our marine environment. When you leave a piece of plastic net in the marine environment, it continues to fish and it destroys everything that comes its way,” Mr. Boeh disclosed.

Mr. Boeh further disclosed that fishmongers also stand to benefit from free solar freezers and other needed items that would afford them an opportunity to reduce post-harvest losses.

He pleaded with the local authorities to provide NaFAA a land space in Buchanan city for the construction of a shelter for fishmongers.

He said the facility would afford fishmongers an opportunity to properly handle and preserve their fish and other species for public consumption.

Speaking on behalf of the fishermen, the general sea chief, Daniel Klay commended the government’s effort in providing threads nets for fishermen in the county.