Liberia – Musicians Union Executives Resign

By Lincoln G. Peters

Two ranking executives of the Liberia Musicians Union, in persons of McDonald Parcular (MC Parcular), Vice President for Administration, and Ms. Miatta L. Kamara (Lady Love), Vice President for Operations, announced their resignations over the weekend from the union with immediate effect.

The two musician union officials stated alleged lack of teamwork, financial malpractice, uncontrollable piracy, and profanity in the Liberian musical industry as reasons behind their resignations.

Speaking at a press conference in Monrovia, Mr. Parcular, affectionately called MC Parcular said his resignation from the Liberian musicians union is due to the current split that is in the institution.

The veteran Liberian gospel musician alleged that the president of the institution Mr. Sammy Gboguy has been taking unilateral decisions in the institution without the consent of other executive members of the union, something he believes is wrong in leadership.

“We were elected as a team with a platform to transform the Musicians Union and make sure that dignity is restored to that noble organization,” Mr. Parcular lamented.

He said, on the contrary, the president of the organization doesn’t respect his fellow colleagues and always takes decisions alone, thereby making the organization like his personal property.

“We are not having a voice in the organization since we took office,” Mr. Particular lamented further, as he made allegations that Mr. Gboguy has begun overlapping everyone’s functions in the organization, acting as the treasurer, financial sectary, general secretary, and every other thing in the organization.

The reality gospel singer claimed that Mr. Gboguy has every document of the institution in his possession and always feels offended when questions about these things are raised.

“We are not having an executive board to resolve our problem and so we usually take our problem to stakeholders to solve them. We have called meeting several times with other stakeholders and government ministers on these issues and they advised president Sammy Gboguy to desist from such leadership attitude,” said Mr. Parcular.

He noted that when the meeting is over, Gboguy would make no difference in attitude, urging reporters to ask former Liberia Movie Union president Frank Artus and many others at the Information Ministry about this issue.

Also speaking during the press conference, Ms. Miatta L. Kamara popularly known as “Lady Love” said they came to leadership with the platform to mitigate profanity within the Liberian music industry and to fight piracy so that Liberian musicians can benefit from their work.

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