Liberia: Lonestar Cell MTN Launches the First Nationwide Music Competition to Discover New Musical Talent in Liberia

Monrovia — Young Liberians across the country now have the chance to showcase their vocal abilities in Lonestar Cell MTN’s first nationwide music competition, “MTN Y’ello Star.”

Abigail Nufeatalai, Lonestar Cell MTN Brand and Communications Manager, said, “This five-week competition, which starts today, is a platform that seeks to uncover new talent among the youth from 16 to 34, educate them and showcase their skills to the world. “

The three-stage competition begins with contestants submitting a one-minute, 45-second video to the website Contestants will receive a confirmation email from Lonestar Cell MTN after registration.

Ms. Nufeatalai said, “The Y’ello Star competition is how we are developing Liberia’s next generation of hitmakers. In that way, we are enhancing the country’s culture and image through music. “

Those judging the competition include Cypha D’ King, Co-owner of Hot FM and music producer, Master Queen radio personality, and Chris Wolo, the Chief Executive Officer of Capital FM.

Considering the imporPost Views: 5tance of MTN Y’ello Star to the Liberian Music Industry Mr. Wolo said, “Young Liberians are endowed with musical talent. Few, particularly in the rural areas, have access to a platform that can transform talent and give them practical knowledge for their professional singing careers. Also, most producers lack the resources to travel the country to scout for talent. This competition provides great value and gives Liberia’s Music industry a boost.”

One key feature of MTN Y’ello Star is the three-week Y’ello Academy or bootcamp. After vetting of the initial contestants, thirty artists will enter the Y’ello Academy.

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