Liberia: Inland Church School Honors First Principal

Inland Church Liberia Paynesville Omega branch has honored the church’s school first Principal for his dedication and meaningful long-time financial contribution to both the Inland Church and the John B. Wahpoe Academy operated by the Church.

Pastor Josephus NuahGarsinee, the brain behind the establishment of the John B. Wahpoe Academy, was honored during an elaborate ceremony held at the church’s edifice in Omega Community, Paynesville City, outside Monrovia, by the leadership of the Inland Church Liberia.

The church said it was pleased to honor Pastor Garsinee, who also served as the church’s first Sunday School Superintendent; first Financial Secretary; since the establishment of the church in 1938.

Pastor Garsinee, who obtained a Bachelor degree in Christian Education from the Wesleyan Bible College, disclosed that following his graduation, he decided opening a school for the church.

According to him, prior to establishing the John B. Wahpoe Academy, a British cricketer Charles Thomas, based in the United States of America (USA) decided to established a mission in Africa with Liberia being one the focus countries for the work of the mission.

Cricketer Charles Thomas then sent the first eight missionaries to Liberia to plan the church in ensuring that the gospel of Jesus Christ was preached to Liberians at the time.

Pastor Garsinee confirmed that while leaving Liberia, the missionaries left a warning with their Liberian counterparts with the words: “We are not here and God will not hold us responsible for anything that will go wrong as it is Liberians who are the ones to take care of the church’s establishment”.