Liberia: Flomo’s Theater Performs Gbagba & Jaader – Two Anti-Corruption Books Written By Dr. Robtel Pailey

Paynesville — The Flomo’s Theater, the Rule of Law and ANTI-Corruption center on Thursday at the Paynesville City hall hosted its first dramatic performance of two anticorruption book written by Robtel Neajai Pailey.

The two books GBAGBA and JAADER were performed by kids from the Flomo’s theater displaying the essence of the book through a stage play indicating corruptions and integrity on how kids can be grown into a good citizens free of corruption.

According to Author Robtel Pailey, she embarked on this journey in 2013 when she wrote her first book, “GBAGBA” and second book “JAADER”, a Bassa vernacular meaning “Corruption and INTEGRITY” as a medium of instituting a national conversation with Liberian kids on what it means to have Integrity and to be accountable not only to themselves but to their community and their country at large.

“The reason behind this book is to grow Liberian kids up in a way that shows honesty and accountability and a new breed of Liberians free of corruption”, Dr. Pailey said.

Dr. Robtel Neajay Pailey is a Liberian Author of a monograph development, (Dual) citizenship and its discontents in Africa. She is based in the USA and hailed from Grand Bassa County, and also an Assistant Professor in International Social and Public Policy.


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