Liberia: ‘Exert Yourselves and Be Intentional” – Nobel Peace Laureate Gbowee Inspires Liberian Women

Monrovia — Nobel Peace Laureate Layma Gbowee has called on Women in Liberia to exert themselves and be purposeful in all they do if the must archive their goals.

Madam Gbowee was one of several panelists that participated in a panel discussion at the Lonestar Cell MTN’s ‘She Series’ held at the Monrovia City Hall in commemoration of international women’s day.

According to her, women must put in their all if they must achieve the changes they envisaged, especially in breaking the barriers of stereotype and inequality that have existed between them and their male counterparts.

“Exert yourselves and be intentional if you must achieve your goals and dreams and get on paths with men. Don’t see yourselves as people who cannot make it, be persistent and consistent. Men will not take you seriously, you have to exert yourselves,” She urged.

She explained how she was been described by some males as brutal for her being intentional in all that she does. She maintained that women’s participation and equality are indispensable in making change, and as such, women should desist from those traditional mentalities of being housewives and care takers and step up to their games.

Also speaking during the panel discussion, the chief information officer of Lonestar Cell MTN, Titilope Fakuade told the audience that women face numerous challenges, especially in the employment industry; adding that if those challenges must be curtailed, they must put in their very best wherever they find themselves.

She said it is about time that women stand up to bridge the gap between them and their male counterparts. She maintained that women need to be on top of their games to make their presence felt, adding that the values that come with being focused and prepared are enormous.

“Women in this room today, we must learn to be stand up and compete. There are so many challenges confronting us everywhere,” she said.

At the same time, the business manager for LoneStar Cell MTN, Princess Eva Cooper called on the audience to know their worth. She emphasized how women are qualified as compared to men but have been perceived as people without skills. She used the occasion to call on the attendees to surround themselves with people who believed in themselves whenever they are opportune to serve in other positions.

She further asserted that women should be self-confident, adding, they must be heard and seen and given their very best to every job they find themselves doing.

Meanwhile, the Executive Director of Community Health Initiative, Naomi Tulay-Solanke explained that over the years women have been stereotyped while at the same time they have been told what career to choose and who to marry. But she said when they stand up collectively and network to find solutions to those problems, they can become major competitors to their male counterparts. She maintained that women should search themselves and see how they can find solutions to those major challenges that are confronting then. “As we leave this room to today, let us search ourselves and see how we can find amicable solutions to the problems confronting us. Let’s see ourselves as major competitors to men.” She furthered.