Liberia: Deputy Speaker’s Agriculture Coordinator Announces Support to Farmers

Barclayville — Newly appointed Grand Kru District 2 Agriculture Coordinator in the Office of Deputy Speaker on Friday announced support to farmers through the establishment of the farm of Hon. Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa.

Mr. Rabasco Tugbe Chie said his appointment and the establishment of the Deputy Speaker’s farm will create employment opportunities for residents of the district and adequately provide support to local farmers.

Chie said the creation of the farm will be first of its kind for a sitting lawmaker from Grand Kru County indicating that such is a welcoming initiative; adding that, it has been hugely embraced by residents of Grand Kru County District #2.

“It is welcoming, and all farmers are appreciating the Honorable Deputy Speaker, Mr. J. Fonati Koffa for that great intervention, because the last time I told you it will first of its kind for a legislator to establish a farm in its constituency, specifically from Grand Kru – that will be first of its kind. And not only establishing his own personal farms that will create employment for the young people and the old folks in the county, but also engaging actively in farming activities and involving local farmers in the process, so farmers are excited,” Mr. Chie asserted.

The Agriculture Coordinator pointed out that despite the undivinable climate change, operations in the Deputy Speaker’s farms in Buah Taybue will commence this month.

“Climate change has affected the seasons in Liberia, so I can’t speak to the rainy season and the dry season, but I can assure you that we will begin effective operations (on the farm of the Deputy Speaker) in June. By July, we are expecting sunshine,” Mr. Chie said.

Chie told Ahteenah Radio that farmers from the six (6) statutory districts including the commercial capital of Buah Geekan have welcomed and expressed their thanks and appreciation to the Deputy Speaker for the farm in Buah Taybue and have pledged their commitment in contributing their labor.

“A day ago, I was in Buah Geeken and I met with some farmers, they embraced the idea and some of them even recommended that since indeed they have done with their individual farm clearing, they are now waiting on the women so start the planting of the rice, they are free from now to July to be engage in other activities, so they welcome the idea and embraced it,” Chie averred.

Meanwhile, in realization of the promotion of agricultural developments within District #2 Grand Kru County, Deputy Speaker Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa has made available the amount of L$195,000 to District Agriculture Coordinator Rabasco T. Chie for his operations.