Liberia: Australian Based Liberian Superstar Nez B Taps Into a Profound Genius of Timeless Style and Sound

Music and life are inseparable, birthed from the same womb of fulfilling the expression of creativity. The rhythms of life, its story and truth bounces on the beats of music with well conveyed emotions that swallows the heart of men whether in joy or pain, the beauty of it all is that it’s not concealed or hidden but thrown out there on the dance floor or embraced tightly in a melancholic manner to guide out strong feelings in the liquidity of tears or to strengthen one self through a process of healing. Nez B got his assignment right on his latest track “Overdose”, his well penned lyrics rode on the back of an Afro fusion sound that leaves you speechless because of how great Nez B delivered without holding anything back.

“Overdose” comes with the storyline of a guy that’s hypnotized with the aura and love of a woman that’s not getting the love she gives her man, in return she gets maltreated. But this guy in the lyrical and vocal body of Nez B showers her with praises and love with the intention of taking care of her and erasing the pain that her man have caused. Nez B gives us a groovy scene that jumps in accordance with the vibe of the instrumentals as he talks about her wrapping around him like a snake, which entails that she fell for him and gave him a wonderful opportunity to steal her heart from the man that did not appreciate her worth.

Nez B’s originality couldn’t hide as he waves the Liberian flag through his lyrics, his Koloqua was on point, he didn’t struggle with fluently balancing it with the proper use of English. His Versatility with his native vernacular is something he could have easily fumbled at because he is far from home in Australia but Nez B’s professionalism brought his music straight home to Liberia. Nez B has an impressive discography, Check out Nez B Catalogue information:

Pepper Hurts

Don’t Go ft. B’cole x Darius x Kzee bigname

Pack Am

Summer Flexz

C’mon Down ft. Bee Makina

Christmas ft. Raybekah x B’cole

G.U.T.I ( get used to it )

Talking Baynay

Fake Love ft. Eazy P


Notable Songs

Pepper Hurts

Fake Love



Mr Perfect ft. Nez B

Shisha ft. Nez b

Potential Collaborations

Miss Independent ft. Kzee Bigname (both ways features)

Ghetto Child ft. SUGABWOY


MAI MAYERS (both ways features)



Nez B whose full name is

Freddie Lambert Sarpor, born

10/01/1995 Went to St, Lawrence High school Ganta Nimba County till the 8th grade,

Continued and finished high school in Australia at St Francis Xavier High School Newcastle 2015.

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