Kenya: Tokyo 2020 Olympics Notebook – Day 3

Kenya sevens rugby team arrives in style, lights up Kurume City

The arrival of the men’s sevens rugby team on Sunday lifted the spirits of Team Kenya’s pre-Olympic Games training camp in Kurume City.

The “Shujaa” squad attracts affection wherever they go with their free spirit both on and off the pitch.

And they were a happy lot upon arrival, having a feel of their training ground yesterday at the Fukuoka Prefecture Kurume Sports Centre’s athletics field.

With popular Kenyan music blaring from the sound system they always carry on their travels, the “Shujaa” squad had a light gym workout and are expected to launch into full training today under coach Innocent Simiyu.


You simply can’t do without smartphone

The over 11,000 athletes who will compete at the Olympics and Paralympics must undergo two Covid-19 tests before boarding the flight to Japan for the Games.

Upon arrival, they will be tested daily in addition to agreeing to have their location monitored by the GPS system.

A mobile app called COCOA automatically traces close contacts. Another app, known as OCHA, contains all pre-arrival personal details.


Navigating time zones a major challenge

Yesterday was a long day for football fans here. The Euro 2020 final between England and Italy going into extra-time meant fans stayed up all night to follow the action.

Italy won the penalty shootout to silence the “Three Lions” with the match ending just after 7am local time.

Japan is six hours ahead of Kenya, meaning that members of the Kenyan contingent here were up until way past 7am!


Fujifilm keeping up with the joneses

We grew up knowing Fujifilm as the leading manufacturers and providers of photography equipment and services.

But with advancing technology leading to the death of Fujifilm’s film and digital photography business, the company has ventured into the healthcare and semiconductor sectors to stay afloat.

Fujifilm’s major rivals, Eastman Kodak, went under after declaring bankruptcy a decade ago.

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