Kenya Seeking to Position Itself as a Top Coffee Producer at Korea Coffee Expo

Nairobi — Kenya is the “Guest Country” during this year’s Coffee Expo 2021 in Seoul, South Korea.

The four-day Expo that kicks off on Wednesday, July 14-17th 2021, will position Kenya as a leading Coffee producer and exporter.

As a guest country in this year’s show, Kenya will be the country of focus at the expo having been given prime location and preference in all side events.

Preparation for Kenya’s participation at the expo was being coordinated by the Coffee Directorate and the Coffee Subsector Reforms Implementation Standing Committee (CSSRISC)as well as the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Enterprise Development.

“We are happy to be the country of focus in this year’s Coffee Expo. This is not only a platform for Kenya’s Coffee Exporters to meet, network and do business with their counterparts in Korea, but it will also give us an opportunity as a country to position Kenya’s Coffee as unique and high quality,” said Betty Maina, Cabinet Secretary, MOITED, who is also the leader of the delegation to Seoul.

Kenya has been one of South Korea’s key trade partners with total bilateral trade between the two countries averaged USD 272 million over the years 2011 to 2020 and total trade was high in 2014 at USD 373 million.

Kenya’s export to South Korea has averaged USD 41 million over the same period 2011 to 2020, and exports were high in 2016 at USD 104 million. Imports from South Korea averaged USD 231 million, and the imports were high in 2014 at USD 345 million.

Kenya’s main exports to South Korea in 2020 are comprised of; coffee, and copper waste, which accounted for 80.4% of total exports to South Korea.

Other export products were; articles of apparel & clothing accessories, tobacco, and cut flowers, which accounted for the additional share of 14percent.

Other products with export potential in South Korea include broccoli, bananas, and powdered milk.

Kenya’s Coffee is ranked 4thin terms of consumption and attracts low tariffs of 8percent as compared to tea which attracts 40percent tariff.

Kenya Export Promotion and Branding Agency which is charged with promotion of Kenya exports will take advantage of this Expo to profile Kenya Coffee as unique and of high quality and enhance preference among Korean consumers.