Kenya: Ruto, Mutua Send Condolences to Dr Mogusu Family but Kenyans Not Amused

Condolences messages by Deputy President William Ruto and Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua to the family of late Dr Stephen Mogusu, who died from Covid-19, was not well received by a section of Kenyans.

Dr Mogusu, who had reportedly not received his salary for five months and had no health insurance, succumbed to complications related to Covid-19.

Doctor Mogusu’s is just the latest death of a health worker in the frontline of the fight against the deadly virus.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, health workers in Kenya have been complaining of being exposed to the virus due to inadequate personal protective gears and poor working conditions.

As of November 4, Kenya had lost 32 medical workers to the virus, with 10 of them succumbing to the disease within two weeks.

In his message of condolences, the DP said the country must deploy all its energies and resources to protect its healthcare workers.

“His death, and that of other healthcare workers, is a demonstration that we must deploy all our energies and resources to protect and save our heroes at the frontline from this pandemic at this particular time. Kenyans too must be protected from this ravage,” Ruto tweeted.

We are saddened by the loss of Dr Stephen Mogusu, a brilliant and selfless medic who was dedicated to deliver critical care and support to our country during this COVID-19 crisis.

– William Samoei Ruto, PhD (@WilliamsRuto) December 7, 2020

But a section of Kenyans only bashed him telling him to walk the talk.

Dear DP Ruto,

Such a sweet eulogy, but it won’t bring him to life.

Can your government for once, just take care of doctors? You probably won’t even read this tweet but it’s honestly so sad and tiring.

– Nyaboke Sagini (@myrie_am) December 7, 2020

The government which you lead as the second in command has failed Dr Mogusu. What baffles me is that you have just been “saying” and saying and saying. The gvt will… ., it will… .., it will etc yet all of us are economically mourning because of your regime of kusema na kutender

– Wanjuki Runyenje, MPA. (@WanjukiBee) December 7, 2020

When these Doctors and nurses are striking, what are you people doing to offer solution so that poor Kenyans don’t suffer more than they have???Ama hio pia utasema BBI imefanya hamwezi pata suluhisho???Am so ashamed of being a Kenyan.

– LethalDave (@DjembaRapha) December 7, 2020

You’re the government Sir, you could have done something to help alleviate the pain the health workers go through. But what did you do? Wait for them to die then pretend to send condolence messages to show us that you care???? Oh no. Just let Kenyans be.

– Oscar Ouma Jarusinga (@Oscarjakaswanga) December 7, 2020

The youthful doctor had been serving in Machakos County under the Universal Health Coverage (UHC) pilot programme.

In a statement, Kenya Medical Practitioners Pharmacists and Dentists Union (KMPDU) disclosed that Dr Mogusu did not have insurance and his young family was left without compensation.

In his condolence message to the doctor’s family, Dr Mutua blamed the national government for his death, saying those employed by Machakos County did not face similar problems.

“Improper that his employer, the National Govt, had not paid him for months. Drs employed by my Govt have NO salary arrears, receive allowances & ALL have insurance cover,” Mutua tweeted.

Sad to learn of the passing of Dr. Stephen Mogusu, attached to Machakos by National Govt’s UHC program & PAY. Improper that his employer, the National Govt, had not paid him for months. Drs employed by my Govt have NO salary arrears, receive allowances & ALL have insurance cover

– Dr. Alfred Mutua (@DrAlfredMutua) December 7, 2020