Kenya: #KenyaVsTanzania – Kenyans, Tanzanians Brawl Online Before International Friendly

Harambee Stars is on Monday set to face Taifa Stars of Tanzania at Nyayo Stadium, Nairobi as they intensify their preparations for their upcoming 2021 Africa Cup of Nation (Afcon) qualifiers.

But ahead of the 3pm match kick-off, Kenyans and Tanzanians are playing a totally different ball game altogether on Twitter.

The international friendly will be played behind closed doors due to Covid-19 restrictions and the two neighbours are squaring it out on social media under the #KenyaVsTanzania hashtag.

It appears the ruthless reputation of Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) has neighbouring meekly walking away from the challenge.

Kenyans came out with their guns blazing as a few Tanzanians tried their luck but failed.

Tanzanians taking English notes in the war.#KenyaVsTanzania

– Bram (@Its_Himk) March 15, 2021

Nashangaa why Ya’ll arguing with people who buy gazeti na 43 thousands haha #KenyaVsTanzania

– Mtu Wa Kibandaski (@MKibandaski) March 15, 2021

Wakenya mnajifanya lakini nyie hamna wasichana warembo, pombe kila wakti kama kiongozi wetu#KenyaVsTanzania

– JEALDENNA™🇹🇿 (@DennaJeal) March 15, 2021

Yoh KOT hamhurumii ata wagonjwa bana. #KenyaVsTanzania

– Moran (@moran_moran254) March 15, 2021

Tanzanians thought Kenyans were not prepared for this war.


– McLevy🇰🇪 (@SeitaiLeparan) March 15, 2021

I keep wondering how Tanzanians don’t know how to speak in English. 😂😂😂 even their own President now the late #KenyaVsTanzania

– Mwangi Francis ℹ (@its_MwangiF) March 15, 2021

The petty online “wars” between Kenyans and Tanzanians are like tiffs between two very short men where one (Kenya) always argues he is taller yet he only appears to be taller because he wears boots while his friend (Tanzania) has sandals. #KenyaVsTanzania

– Ben Kairu (@bkairu5) March 15, 2021

This war is useless no tweeter in tanzania right now and the this kind of insults are baseless it could have been better to see a real economic war based on facts not childish memes KOT style up #KenyaVsTanzania

– brian simba (@gich_boy) March 15, 2021

I dare any Tanzanian to write what is @verified ,twitter in kiswahili😂😂… .We will accept the fight #KenyaVsTanzania

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