Kenya: Ayuma – Why My Songs Are Loaded With Uplifting Spiritual Messages

Gospel singer Ayuma Omufulukhani is in the class of gospel singers who are currently blending spiritual messages with the worship gospel beat.

Ayuma already has two albums under her belt, Damu Imebubujika (2016) and Fungua Moyo – both available on YouTube.

Ayuma has credited her parents, Rev Stephen and Rebecca Amakoye, for inspiring her to spread the gospel through music.

The singer, who hails from Musitinyi village, Luanda in Vihiga County, also has very kind words for her husband, Osore Omufulukhani, a preacher whom she describes as her mentor and teacher.

“During my early days, I liked listening to the legendary Congolese gospel singer Angela Chibalonza’s songs. I was looking forward to meeting her before she passed on in a road accident back in September 2007,” she told the Saturday Nation early this week.

Besides Chibalonza, Ayuma says she has also got inspired by listening to other gospel artistes like Mary Atieno, Bonnie Deuschle, Christina Shusho, Geraldine Oduor, Vestal Goodman, Dottie Rambo, Linda Randle, the Gaithers, Darlene Zschech, Don Moen and Yusto Onesmo.

“The more I listened to these ministers, the more I received double portion and anointing of their vocal strength and spirit of the Lord. They also taught me the art of humility and prayer as fundamental elements in worship ministry,” she said.

Ayuma’s discography includes Wastahili, NitazidiKuomba, Omwami Aletsa, Nondaanga, Fungua Moyo, Halleluya, Unastahili among others.

Ayuma is planning a launch concert of her latest album Fungua Moyo later this year. Some tracks from the album are already available on YouTube.

Earlier, she had released, Damu Imebubujika, Nimekombolewa, Msalaba and Chombo Chako.

“We must redefine the way we worship God. My vision is to lead Africa back to the heart of deep worship and to mentor others,” said Ayuma who fellowships with Celebration Churches International.


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