Gambia: Fisheries Minister Says 1857 Gambian Youth Are Employed As Desk Hand, Observers

The Gambia’s Fisheries Minister, James Gomez, told the National Assembly that from January to December 2020, a total number of 1857 Gambian youth have been gainfully employed as either desk hand or observers in the industrial sector.

He stated that this is in line with the policy objectives of the fisheries sector of increasing the participation of Gambians in the sector, especially women and youth.

Minister Gomez said this in response to a question asked by the Member for Sanimentereng, Baba Galleh Jallow, who asked the Minister whether his Ministry has plans to invest on trawlers to encourage the youth to venture into the fisheries sector.

“Trawling is a professional undertaken that requires years of in-depth training for one to invest in and that given the experience of the country, the Fisheries Ministry would rather encourage private sector involvement and investment and not government investment in the acquisition of trawlers”, he told Lawmakers.

He added: “Similarly, the Ministry of Fisheries and Water Resources have provided fourteen boats in 2020 for use by Fishing Communities and also for the training of Gambians to become fishermen. Furthermore, in partnership with Food and Agriculture Organization, government is expanding aquaculture development in the value chain, for the involvement of Gambians particularly women and youth Member for Foni Kansala, Musa Amul Nyass, asked the Fisheries Minister to inform the Assembly whether the Sustainable Fishing Agreement between the Gambia and European Union is still in force.