Ethiopia’s Industrial Parks Export U.S.$610 Million

Ethiopia has so far earned 610 million USD from industrial parks, the Ethiopia Industrial Park Development Corporation (EIPDC) disclosed on Sunday.

Behailu Kebede, Marketing and Communications Department Chief at EIPDC, said the stated export revenue was earned from 13 Chinese built industrial parks.

Kebede further said that the 13 industrial parks have created job opportunities over 89,000 Ethiopians.

“The textiles and other export related products manufactured by industrial parks have garnered good reviews by European and North American customers,” Kebede said.

Ethiopia currently has 13 operational industrial parks; of which most they are under-construction which is expected to be commissioned during the current fiscal year.

In recent years, Ethiopia has embarked on industrial parks’ construction and commissioning activities, as part of a broad economic strategy to make the country a light manufacturing hub in Africa by 2025.

The Ethiopian government has attached great importance to cooperation with Chinese firms in various fields.

These include the construction of industrial parks along with giant Chinese firms investing in various industrial hubs. It was learnt.

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