Ethiopia: Survey Depicts Covid Economic Impact

Addis Ababa — Household income decreases by 44 percent, capital hits high

Central Statistics Agency (CSA) stated that the outbreak of COVID-19 has been attributable to the 44 percent household income decline affecting Ethiopian national 2021 labor force and causing migration.

Presenting survey report in collaboration with Ethiopian National Plan and Development Commission and other partners yesterday, CSA announced that household income has decreased due to the pandemic and the survey was conducted in all regions and city administrations except Tigray.

CSA Director General BiratuYigezu said that as Ethiopian population is now growing with the emerging economy, the proper utilization of work force supported evidence based decisions and surveys like this are important. Labor for participation rate at national level is about 65 percent. This implies that 65 persons out of one hundred persons are active in participating in the production of goods and services.

According to him, forty four percent of the households’ income has decreased nationally due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

The national unemployment rate is eight percent estimating to be over 3.6 million persons. Addis has taken the lead in terms of unemployment rate recording 22 percent of followed by Dire Dawa, 16 percent, it stated.

As to the survey, 17.1 percent of the total population is migrants. The highest form is rural to urban (32.2 percent). Interregional migration, Addis Ababa has the highest net gains.

The country has managed to repatriate 77 percent of returnees from Middle East countries, while 13 percent from African countries.

Maureen Achieng, IOM Chief of Ethiopia and Representative to the African Union on her part said that the role of migration data and national planning is now being established. Today, there are about 272 million international migrants globally. Number of Migrants in Africa is estimated to be over 90 percent crossing international borders or oceans.

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