Ethiopia: State Embarks On Silkworm Farm

GAMO–Young Entrepreneurs in Silk and Honey (YESH) project said silkworm farming development activities run in Gamo Zone, Arba Minch City of the SNNPs are increasingly becoming potential inputs to meet national silk demand of the country.

YESH project has created over 12 thousand job opportunities for the youth. Of this, 10 thousand job opportunities were created in

Amhara Region in Beekeeping and honey production and 2500 jobs were also created in SNNPR in sericulture development for smallholder farmers. The capital for the project is amounting to over 10 million USD donated from MasterCard foundation.

Shefa Balo (PhD), YESH project Sericulture Development Manager said that the project encompasses all unemployed with a 70 percent share of women and it is believed to contribute to sustainable food security, echo-friendly that provides the community with quick economic rewards.

As to him, the silkworm farming is very suitable as it can be run in the house and near to house hand in hand with other chores. Silkworm farming requires special care and protection like a child because it has five stages to produce cocoon.

Enterprises working on silk production can produce more than 7 times a year without heavy load and cost, and it has helped enhance the economic potential of the beneficiaries. Hence, investing in silk farm development is a means for income generation.

YESH has been embarking on knowledge and skill transfer via providing the farming community with material support necessary for sericulture farming and value adding to cocoon production.